Rey, Swayam, Sharon Scene: 26th August Part 2 2
Dil Dostii Dance 26th August 2013

D3 2014 \\ Kriyaansh Scenes (scene 71) Part 2
Rey offers to drop Kria home but she declines Kria looks for taxi when some goons chase her Rey comes in time and fights off with the goons risking his lif

D3 Vicky Rey Swayam Hug 22 November 2012

Mitwa Love Is In The Air - Rey Taani (taarey).wmv
Please switch to 720p for good quality Celebrating 1 month of TaaRey s epic Mitwa Sequence A very special VM dedicated to all TaaReyians I hope that

D3 Rey And Taani Confess They Love Eachother - 9th Jan 2012
Rey and Taani scene

Rey - Taani, Shivam Scene: 25th October Part 2 4
Dil Dostii Dance 25th October 2012

Rey, Sharon Scene: 14th June
Dil Dostii Dance 14th June 2013

V Dil Dostii Dance - 31st August 2013 : Ep 635
In episode 635 of Dil Dostii Dance aired on 31st August 2013 Rey slaps Swayam for confronting him regarding Sharon Swayam and Sharon go on a trip Swayam b